Actual Length Of A Year

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The length of the year (as measured in seconds) depends on the semi-major axis of the Earth’s orbit and on the mass of the Sun (and to a lesser extent, the mass of the Earth). The mass of the Sun has been practically constant post the initial formation of the Sun and solar system.

The actual length of a particular year may vary by several minutes due to the influence of the gravitational force from other planets. Similarly, the time between two new moons may vary by several hours due to a number of factors, including changes in the gravitational force from the sun, and the moon’s orbital inclination.

The length of one sidereal Earth year is 3.39% the length of one sidereal Saturn year. In other words, the length of one sidereal Saturn year is 29.5 times the length of one sidereal Earth year.

A year is exactly 365 days on non-leap years and 366 days long on leap years and we declare 97 of every 400 years to be a leap year. That’s one in four minus one in 100 plus one in every 400 years.

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The average year length is 146,097/400 = 365 97 400 = 365.2425 days per year, a close approximation to the mean tropical year (seidelmann 1992, pp. 576-81). The Gregorian calendar is a reformed version of the Julian calendar.

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League year-by-year totals for pitching, fielding, batting and team win totals.