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My husband and I have been meeting resistance from our financial planner these days. We (okay, I) had wanted to purchase a summer house in beautiful Tagaytay Highlands, which had with it free golf membership. He said no. I wanted to buy a foreclosed house for which I would pay a pittance for. He said no.

Wall Street- Many people that have put their life savings in the stock-market have been left with nothing. Searching for retirement income will quickly bring you to checkbookgoldira. Let’s see why. Retiree’s have hung up their golf clubs and come out of retirement and baby boomers are looking for ways to build a secondary retirement income. Network marketing offers earning potential in a lousy job market.

A visit my homepage is appropriate because doing so makes it possible for a person to transfer his existing 401k account to a new one without having to be suffering from withdrawal penalties and taxes. Retirement plans are funded using pre-tax dollars and grow deferred from tax. Consequently if someone makes an early cash out, the IRS may demand heavy tax on the entire retirement account. You may be imposed with an additional ten percent deductions once you pull out the funds prior to reaching 59 years and 6 months of age. It is a tough deal if you do not absolutely need the money because of an urgent situation. Yet, lots of people may prefer to be penalized because they do not know how to rollover the 401k accounts.

If you do stop, the physical craving will stop – perhaps in a week or two. You’ll have to mentally reset your psychological need to light up with a cup of coffee or stoke away on your break. Concentrate on enjoying just the flavor of your coffee since your taste buds will re-emerge anew. Take a deep breath of fresh air and relax with it rather than a lungful of tar to let the nicotine do its work.

How does this relate to try what he says? Well for starters, time is a priceless resource. This plan allows you to reclaim your time so you’re free to do what you were meant to do. By decreasing the hours spent on earning an income, yet maintaining or even increasing revenues, your income per hour rises. That makes good financial sense. Again, as a holistic financial planner, I like to look at the client’s life as a whole. This methodology feeds personal values and increases resources that guide and direct our investment policies and decisions, no matter if you’re an entrepreneur or employee. That’s why I’m sharing it with you. So what if it wasn’t all my idea, I learned a lot from Tim. So can you.

Websites – They use official-looking websites to make them look respectable and honest. There is a possibility that they would ask you to sign up online but still, the details of their policy is inadequate.

You also might want to consider a 401k rollover to IRA of the Roth type. That way, you could accumulate tax-free wealth over the next 20 years and regardless of how much you took per year after retirement, you would never pay taxes. It’s something to consider, at least.

Coin Gathering Legends: 10 Of The Most Needed U.S. Coins

How To Manage IRA Accounts To Get The Most Out Of It?

Those which intend to have their assets transferred right into a different account type can use an Individual Retirement Account rollover. Assets from an Ira account can be transferred into another custodian if you use a transfer.

With solutions, you could generate cash over the short-term and also the long-term. You will hardly ever see a loss if you make the best selections. You can make 30 % or even more each year if you tread gently in the stock market and focus on far better financial investment chances. Did you ever before make that sort of cash in the securities market? I really did not believe so.

gold IRA income

Yet, in order to make the most of all of the possibilities that are out there, you need to pick your IRA services and custodian carefully. Not all protectors enable you to purchase every little thing that the legislation enables. The ones that do will certainly often ask for high costs for their services.

You needs to seriously look into opening up a self routed Individual Retirement Account if you desire to take full advantage of the returns you get on your retired life financial savings. Forget a financial institution Individual Retirement Account CD- a self directed IRA is an account that you have single control over. You select exactly what to purchase as well as how your money is spent. With a self directed account, you likewise have a much larger range of financial investments to select from. In addition to your common safety and securities, you could additionally choose to invest in property, home mortgages, collectibles or notes, companies, energy residential properties, and also alternate fuels and green innovation.

If it’s an all cash money account, like an IRA-CD, then there is no genuine huge difference between an precious metals IRA rollover VS transfer, when it comes to possession security.

Real estate was an investment area that he recognized would certainly be wise and also secure. Here was a possibility to boost his Roth rate of returns, which can be reinvested in property residential properties, again and again. There would be no Roth Individual Retirement Account income restriction on his earnings, as well as these revenues would certainly be devoid of taxation.

Realty is an excellent point to purchase with this Individual Retirement Account. It offers little risk for the return received. Land is constantly wished, yet stocks fluctuate daily.

The moment is most definitely ideal to invest your self routed IRA in realty. Property costs are right down and also folks are needing a roof covering over their heads. By buying property in your IRA you are well en route to extremely high, secure returns. For a lot more information please comply with the links.

Precautions When Purchasing From A Dealership – Gold Online

There is nothing else financial investment I understand of, that gives me such a high rate of return with the level of safety and security that I have with tax liens. Tax Lien Investing offers other benefits that I like also.

When financiers put in their money to get metals like gold it is generally through the Individual Retirement Account transfer. In easy words a gold IRA is a sort of gold financial investment whose funds have actually been bought the commodity of Gold. A gold ira rules is backed by gold as opposed to paper notes. A gold financial investment is use of money in a rare-earth element, which is significantly much less prone to minimizing in value unlike stocks, bonds or investments that are backed by paper pledges such as the buck, making a gold Individual Retirement Account a safer area to have your retired life funds.

If you require more assistance or if you have additional inquiries about ira account rates financial investment, then I have included some crucial hyperlinks listed below this article that you can use to get in touch with a financial investment professional who collaborates with one of the Peak Inc 500 firms in the United States.

To get a home with your Individual Retirement Account, we need to support up a few actions. You can not open an IRA at your stock broker. As an alternative, you should open a 401k to gold ira. IRAs held by investment company limit you to equip advertising investing because that is where they make their money.

Three chapters of my book Exactly how to Benefit from the Upcoming Great Sadness are devoted to these inquiries. Many people are surprised when they first learn concerning our “fractional reserve” cash device, which has stitched within it the seeds of its own damage.

Under the American Chance Credit, taxpayers who have actually incurred greater education and learning costs (tuition simply) can now declare a tax credit history against the costs with a cap of $2,500.00 every year. The credit history is readily available for taxpayers that have an earnings of $90,000.00 and here (and for those that submit collectively, there is a revenue cap of $180,000.00).

For a lot of people, a self-directed IRA most likely isn’t really perfect for them. It’s a cross in between the energetic financier and also the passive investor. The passive financier takes a look at their money annually, however the self-directed Individual Retirement Account financier will certainly be checking out their development a lot more regularly.

Making Usage Of Gold Bullion Being A Specific Retirement Account Investment

It is a great idea to use your self-directed IRA account to make financial investments in tax lien certifications along with tax deeds for tax comfort. You should make your money expand throughout such tax-free investments. The tax comfort continues until you make withdrawals from your account after retiring.

An additional benefit of doing a 401k rollover or gold ira custodian is that the retired life savings keep delayed tax status. You will not be billed early withdrawal charges or penalties as well as you will not have to pay the taxes on this amount, either. This is a big advantage if you’re attempting to develop a decent retired life fund on your own.

IRA’s delight in tax delayed status. This implies no taxes schedule till withdrawel. You might have acquired a tax deduction to encourage you to put funds in it to begin with. 401k withdrawal rules‘s could be rolled over, disclaimed, or cashed in relying on the regulations in force at the time of a people fatality.

Since gold has come to be a considerably important feature of IRA accounts, owners could have an interest in knowing how much more concerning exactly how this could work. When they invest with the appropriate firm in their area, investors are starting to discover how easy it could be.

Numerous individuals will want knowing how even more info regarding just how they could work with a solution professional that will certainly make this procedure run efficiently. A major benefit of positioning gold in to an IRA investment account is that it will in fact aid folks preserve a concrete property gradually. This will no question assistance people recognize additional details about the essentials behind how this could work.

Numerous funds are now calling for investors to look in to obtaining IRA eligible coins for their accounts. This will assist to supply some standard constraints behind the means that these funds are usually managed in time. They will certainly be able to swiftly change the means that they have a tendency to handle their funds when investors believe about the fundamentals behind this kind of program.

A lot of businessmen will certainly be interested in knowing how additional information concerning the means that these tasks often work over time. Some individuals will be delighted to understand that they can really know how additional details about how they could secure assistance for a couple of various types of IRA deals.

The very best component concerning among these account is the tax benefits. While cash is in the account, it is entirely tax totally free. It also will not be exhausted when it is taken out, as long as it is not withdrawn up until the account holder has gone into retirement. Money can it also be moved from a traditional Individual Retirement Account to a Roth Individual Retirement Account. After the transfer, every one of the cash that was initially in the standard IRA can then be withdrawn without fine.

I made a decision to stress examination the SPXTimer by trading the Proshares Ultra ETFs for the S&P 500, SSO for Advancing market and SDS for Bearish market. Incidentally, the SDS is an inverted fund; it climbs when the S&P 500 goes down. It enables financiers with ira rollover vs transfer s to trade in Bear markets. There is no shorting enabled in an how to rollover 401k into gold IRA, however you can utilize the SDS to make returns like shorting.

An investor has to send the needed records required by the custodian. A depository place is needed for your silver and also gold nonetheless this is not free of cost there’s a specific amount that you need to spend for your financial investments protected keeping. It is strongly advised that you have an ample quantity of cash in the new IRA to assist your silver or gold investments.

So, an individual which is wanting to invest his or her retirement years on that dream island should find that accomplishing that is totally realistic. With a gold Individual Retirement Account, living the life you have actually consistently wished to live when you detach on your own from functioning is easy. All you have to do right now is discover a gold department which could help you in making that excellent decision.

Lots of people will certainly be interested in finding out even more info concerning exactly how they can function with a solution professional that will certainly make this process run smoothly. Most individuals will be interested in finding out even more details in just how these coins can be placed in to place. These IRA eligible coins can in fact give individuals the chance that they require to find out more details in just a brief amount of time.

Ideas For Refacing Cooking Area Cabinets

Can New Kitchen area Cabinets Advantage Up Your Life?


Lots of people invest months and even years preparing the log house of their dreams. They tour home shows, scour publications and testimonial home strategies with giddy expectancy.

Your white small bathroom remodels Jacksonville Fl can blend into an all white cooking area or a cooking area that has colorful accents. White cooking area cabinets will mirror light and provide your kitchen a fresh clean appearance. White cooking area cabinets choose any color of floor consisting of ceramic tiles, vinyl, hardwood and marble. You can utilize your creativity and use bold color and accents or if you prefer light pastel shades.


In order to plan your bathroom remodel, you will need to have some knowledge of building codes. At the minimum, you need to understand when codes need to be thought about and when they do not use. If you are doing any circuitry as a part of your kitchen cabinets for sale, make sure you understand the building regulations covering GFI outlets, which are usually needed in restrooms. For structural changes, you will certainly need to understand when plumbing or structural codes should be followed, and the best ways to have them inspected.


When you take into account renovating your cooking area, it does not have to be every little thing in the cooking area. Potentially it is that old kitchen area sink that’s the real transgressor, and a brand-new one would make all the distinction. Maybe what you really want are brand-new cabinets, which is all the changing you need to do.

Significant upgrades may require professional planning or allows so be conscious of those costs. It is worth spending more for the expertise that it is done right. Also, you can keep these strategies so if you choose to sell your house, the brand-new owners will know you correctly performed the upgrade.

Walk-In: Walk-in tubs are a terrific selection for houses that have senior residents, or other citizens with movement issues. Walk-in tubs are taller in height and generally have actually a bench set up on the within so the person using the tub my sit conveniently and still be able to stand up with ease. Walk-in tubs are known for their full watertight doors that permit for simpler access into the tub. Function dominates design in these tubs which make them a safe option for those with mobility issues.

The jobs that have to be performed in your house varieties from easy ones to hard ones like building customized furniture. It is best to examine the work if the task is challenging. Keep in mind that you will need to pay premium for their services. It is pricey if you will be asking him to do personalize cabinets. You have to make sure that you will be getting the value of your cash. A fantastic idea is to request suggestions. home depot kitchen cabinets are said to be individuals to ask. They are required to work with these carpenters so they would understand which one can give quality at a short time period.

As soon as you have all the proper tools needed, start by eliminating all the cabinet doors and their deals with. A normal screwdriver works well however an electrical one conserves time. You might likewise desire to move all the cabinet doors to a well-ventilated area initially as the paint and primer used in the future might have strong odours.

With Dyson DC28 Vacuum, you can ensure the surfaces of your house are as clean as brand name new! If you are tired with your old and noisy unit, perhaps this is the right time to give this powerful device a try. You will not be dissatisfied. Instead, you’ll be impressed with the results it could give your house.


Is Transforming Individual Retirement Account To Physical Gold Right For You?

Because gold has actually ended up being an increasingly essential attribute of IRA accounts, proprietors may be interested in finding out much more concerning just how this could work.

A significant benefit of putting gold in to an IRA financial investment account is that it will really help people keep a concrete property gradually. This will certainly no question aid folks comprehend even more information regarding the fundamentals behind just how this could work.

Numerous funds are now calling for investors to look in to obtaining IRA eligible coins for their accounts. This will assist to supply some standard constraints behind the means that these funds are normally taken care of gradually. They will be able to rapidly change the method that they have a tendency to manage their funds when financiers think concerning the basics behind this kind of program.

The majority of businessmen will certainly have an interest in learning additional info about the means that these tasks have the tendency to persuade time. Some folks will certainly be thankful to recognize that they could in fact find out more information concerning just how they can secure support for a few different kinds of IRA deals.

How many times do you believe this circumstance or one just like it has played out in Middle Tennessee over the last 18 months? Plenty. However right here’s the genuine trouble: one wrong step and you can make a bad circumstance an outright Individual Retirement Account or 401(k) headache.

Investing in things that are developed to enhance your monetary ability has actually been done by human beings for such a long time. In fact, it is thought about as one of the leading ways to offer life with sweetness and spice. However, recently, worldwide catastrophes have emerged, and as an outcome, the worth of a person’s money is not something that feels very good and secured. Paper currency and other forms of financial profiles have all lowered in value. And, they continue to reduce in value every time the fiscal year turns. Gold, though, has not. And, it just goes on being financially-rewarding and amazing. In other words, backing your money up in gold coins and gold iran bullion coins are decisions that will gain wonderful benefits.

Take time to buy gold is now. If you are like many people, you do not require immediate money readily available to buy gold then hang around in an existing how to rollover 401k into gold IRA and eliminate it into physical gold you can include up until the day in the country loses self-confidence within the dollar.

It is very vital to live within your means. Simply puts, “hang your basket where your hand can reach it.” Don’t watch exactly what individuals have, due to the fact that you do not know how they got it. Do things at your very own pace. Strategy, plan, plan your future. “Lay your eggs how you wish to lay on them.” Take your time. “Look before you jump.” Invest at least 10 percent of each salary. Save a minimum of 10 per cent of each salary. Know exactly what to provide concern. Do not invest what you do not have. Preserve a decent credit rating of a minimum of 700.

Right after you take your totally free anonymous, you will certainly have more un-invested money in the account and that’s the finest time to try to find lucrative property bargains. You see, the account can get funding to get home, however there is an expense.

Nope. You can pick to go for a partial transfer. This is a wonderful means for you to invest simply a portion of your retirement strategy in rare-earth elements. You can also get access to gold, silver, palladium and platinum with little or no out of pocket expenses in many cases.

My suggestions? Learn from your mistakes and get ready for bumpy rides. Once again turn ultra-bullish, the market will enhance and the financial talking heads will.

These IRA eligible coins will normally require to be managed in a few different kinds of ways. The majority of them will certainly be interested in just how they can work with a provider operating in their location soon. This will be an useful consideration that everyone will certainly should keep in mind. The fund drivers will usually give owners the chance that they should put the investments that they have to make going forward. These coins could help folks find additional info regarding the fundamentals of the program itself, which will certainly aid make sure that their investments go perfectly.

The majority of people will be interested in learning more details in exactly how these coins could be put in to place. These IRA qualified coins could actually offer folks the chance that they require to learn even more details in simply a short amount of time.

Many folks will be interested in learning more info in exactly how these coins could be put in to position. These IRA qualified coins could in fact offer people the opportunity that they require to discover more info in merely a short quantity of time.

Gold Individual Retirement Account Rollover – Tips To Pick The Ideal Company

Considering that gold has actually come to be a significantly important attribute of IRA accounts, owners could have an interest in learning more concerning how this could function. Investors are starting to discover how easy it could be when they invest with the best agency in their area.

CERT v2 slider

Many individuals will be interested in learning additional info regarding just how they can function with a support service professional that will make this procedure run smoothly. A major benefit of placing gold in to an IRA investment account is that it will actually assist individuals preserve a concrete possession over time. This will certainly no doubt help folks know additional info about the essentials behind just how this can function.

Lots of funds are now calling for investors to look in to getting IRA eligible coins for their accounts. This will certainly aid to give some fundamental constraints behind the method that these funds are generally taken care of in time. They will certainly be able to promptly transform the way that they have a tendency to manage their funds when financiers believe regarding the basics behind this kind of program.

More about Investing into IRA here.

Please refer to Wiki article

More about Gold IRA Guide here (.pdf) please refer to Augusta Precious Metals


Still A Small Amount Unaware About Ira Accounts?

Given that gold has ended up being a significantly important function of IRA accounts, proprietors could have an interest in finding out more about exactly how this can work. Investors are starting to discover just how simple it could be when they invest via the appropriate firm in their area.

Lots of folks will want discovering additional info about just how they can deal with a solution specialist that will make this procedure run perfectly. A major benefit of positioning gold in to an IRA investment account is that it will really aid folks retain a tangible possession over time. This will no question assistance people recognize more info regarding the fundamentals behind exactly how this can work.

Numerous funds are now needing investors to search in to obtaining IRA qualified coins for their accounts. This will assist to provide some standard constraints behind the method that these funds are usually handled with time. They will be able to rapidly change the way that they have a tendency to handle their funds when financiers believe concerning the basics behind this kind of program.

Most company owner will certainly be interested in knowing how even more info concerning the method that these projects have the tendency to persuade time. Some individuals will certainly be glad to understand that they can in fact discover additional info about exactly how they could secure support for a couple of various kinds of IRA bargains.


The gold market has seen a number of the greatest levels in decades. Must you be pondering making use of the boom in gold and gold bullion, attempt to include uncommon metal funds to your 401k. Determined by your fund manager and the firm your business uses to supply the 401k to staff members, perhaps you have the choice to acquire platinum, silver and gold.

Together, with my contributions and those of my company, a profile that included moderately dangerous shared funds, the value surpassed $100,000. Of course, that was before the current 401 k deferral limits 2014 stock exchange disaster and the account had actually been earning a typical return of 8 % annually.

After that, you need to pick a custodian or a trustee that you believe is ideal for you. If you such as to produce income, preserve funds invested and your very own realty; have an how to rollover 401k into gold IRA. Take your investments to the next level and continue controlling your self directed Individual Retirement Account. So you must pick the right and trustworthy custodian that might help you regulate your funds.

Simply like the old stating goes “Never keep all your eggs in one basket”, although you might have different stocks and bonds, they are still all fiat currencies.

Today the optimum amount you can contribute to an Individual Retirement Account is $5,000 yearly if under 50 years of age or $6,000 if over 50. So what to do with all your additional money?

With a why not check here, an investor has options that can be fitted for their specific needs. This is a hassle-free means to have the security of a smart investment with alternatives for its safe keeping. Keeping the gold in Individual Retirement Account will certainly permit getting or offering of the gold at any provided time, ought to the investor wish to play the area price. This may be dangerous, so most investors who believe the price of gold will continue to increase, will simply enter a stay put till the economy reveals signs of strength when again.

Purchasing things that are designed to enhance your financial ability has actually been done by humans for such a very long time. In truth, it is thought about as one of the leading methods to offer life with sweetness and spice. However, lately, international catastrophes have actually emerged, and as a result, the worth of an individual’s cash is not something that feels extremely nice and protected. Fiat money and other types of financial profiles have actually all decreased in value. And, they continue to reduce in value every time the calendar year turns. Gold, however, has not. And, it simply goes on being amazing and financially-rewarding. In other words, backing your cash up in gold coins and gold bullion coins are decisions that will reap great benefits.

Your next step? Now that you are equipped with this information, begin learning more about how you can roll over to a self managed IRA account. Unlike standard IRAs, self handled Individual retirement accounts permit far more flexibility, control, and best of all, greater returns. Do not let banks get the much better of you. Take control of your IRA and thus your monetary future.


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Change Your Life with Martial Arts: Your essential introduction to the martial arts, by Linda Davis Kyle, ISBN 0967365147, published by Blueberry Press, $12.95, Index & Appendices, Trade softcover; writes T. Jeff Chandler, EdD, CSCS*D, FACSM, Editor-in-Chief of Strength and Conditioning Journal, “This book is indispensable for you and your family when considering enrolling in a martial arts program,” and Alan J. Couture, Reviewer for ForeWord Magazine reiterates, “This book should serve as a primer for anyone interested in beginning the study of the martial arts. The advice on selecting an instructor alone is well worth the price.” New signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Dallas Doc: All the City &Country Critters in the Life of a Texas-style Vet by David Carlton, D.V.M.; ISBN 1888843535; Bridgeline Press; Soft Cover $12.95; Doc shares his beginnings and introduces readers to his “daredevil” partner, Rich Vest, irreplaceable assistants, Rachel and Tracy, and his infamous, cattle-gored clinic truck, Ol’ Blue – as well as A.J., the horse trader, Big Bertha, the “guard pig”, Thieving Jack, a golden retriever, Cindy, a party-lovin’ tabby kitten, and incorrigible characters who inhabit his landscape of barbed wire fences, tumbleweeds, and big city skyscrapers.  Signed copies available.   ORDER HERE         Featured Authors



Digging Up Texas: A Guide to the Archaeology of the State by Robert Marcom;   ISBN 1556229372; Republic of Texas Press; Trade Soft Cover; $18.95;  take a guided tour of more than 15,000 years of life in Texas – written for the interested layperson and beginning avocational archaeologists alike. Includes photos, illustrations, resources and references.   ORDER HERE         Featured Authors



Diversity and the Bottom Line: Prospering in the Global Economy by Pamela K. Henry; ISBN 0974003018; TurnKey Press; Soft Cover; $19.95;  citing 10 business imperatives, this book provides a compelling case for the correlation between diversity and an increased customer base and greater profitability.  It includes valuable strategies, tools and metrics that will help organizations incorporate diversity into their practices.  Signed copies available.    ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Don’t I Know You? by Terry W. Burns, ISBN 1581249292, The Fiction Works, Trade Soft Cover, $9.95, What would life be like if everyone you met thought they recognized you? Slaps on the back, free meals and drinks, included in every circle, but would it always be a good thing? Larry Smith had this gift – or curse – it had always been there. Over the years he learned to use it and refined it to a fine art. Then he discovered, sometimes it could backfire. Signed copies available ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


The Engines of Our Ingenuity by John H. Lienhard; ISBN 0195167317; Oxford University Press; Soft Cover; $14.95; Millions of people have listened to John H. Lienhard’s radio program “The Engines of Our Ingenuity”.  In this fascinating book, Lienhard gathers his reflections on the nature of technology, culture, and human inventiveness.  The book brims with insightful observations.  Lienhard writes that the history of technology is a history of us – the machines we create.  Signed copy available  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors




Every Day A Victory, by Margaret Glendinning, ISBN 0971464952, Soft cover, $7.00.  A little inspirational book to lift yourself out of the doldrums and join the world again.  Signed copy available  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Facing Me by Stephanie S. Sawyer, ISBN 1591295297, Soft Cover, $16.95, The impossible becoming possible is the theme in Stephanie’s life as she dared to hope. After years of living with epilepsy by weekly seizure invasion, Stephanie was set free from shame through the removal of a segment of her brain, the right temporal lobe. Her ensuing search for a new identity led to a spiritual calling and new life. Her surrender despite doubt to that calling led her down a path of miracles to her beloved gift in music. It is now her ministry to share the joy of music through her piano studio and in community performance. “Hope is ours if we will take it and believe.” c. Sawyer Signed copy available    ORDER HERE         Featured Authors
From the Shadow into Light, by Margaret Glendinning, ISBN 0971464960, soft cover, $7.00. A little book to guide you through the pain of losing your baby and find ways to reclaim your life. Signed copy available ORDER HERE         Featured Authors

Fun Foods for Kids & Grownups: Your essential guide to family fun & good health, by Linda Davis Kyle. Introductory story “Adventures in Abunda Gardens” by Kyle and Scottish sci-fi author, William Meikle, ISBN 0967365112, published by Blueberry Press, $12.95, Index & Appendix, Trade softcover with user-friendly GBC lay-flat comb binding; helps to nurture youngsters and to nourish children and adults with fascinating, yet wholesome, food presentations, and to create in youngsters a rational attitude about foods free from feelings of guilt, deprivation, or obsession. Includes recipe highlights to complement your meals and make every day a celebration and tips for meal and party planning, happy parenting, and staying fit and trim. In the Foreword, Michael Scott, MD, Medical Director of Sierra Tucson says, “Using these guidelines today can help to prepare future generations for healthier and happier tomorrows.” New signed copies available.ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


GET SMART! About Modern Career Development by Michelle L. Casto; ISBN 0967470455, Get Smart! (USA) Publishing; $15.95, Trade Soft Cover; reading this interactive book will energize your career by changing the way you think and feel about the modern world of work.  Contrary to popular belief, your career should not be left to fate.  In fact, to increase your chances of creating your Life’s Work, you will need to utilize a practical, proactive and smart approach. Signed by author. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors

GET SMART! About Modern Romantic Relationships by Michelle L. Casto; ISBN 0967470404, Get Smart! (USA) Publishing; $15.95, Trade Soft Cover; reading this interactive book will change your lovelife by changing the way you think and feel about modern romantic love.  Contrary to popular belief, finding the right person should not be left to fate.  In fact, to increase your chances of choosing wisely, you will need to utilize a practical proactive and smart approach. . Signed by author. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors

Healing Landscapes,  A Journey from the Big Thicket to the Big Bend, by Jeanne Norsworthy,  ISBN 1585441406, Texas A&M University Press,  $29.95, Hard Cover; completed a month before she lost her battle with breast cancer, Jeanne’s book not only shows us her artwork, but also takes us on a journey with her moments of peace as well as the challenging times in her life; winner of the 2002 Western Books Exhibition Award of Merit given by the Rounce and Coffin Club. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors
Historic Texas Trails:  How To Trace Them by William J. Sheffield, Ph.D., ISBN 0972923500, Soft Cover, 139 pp., $21.50, Many roads in Texas not only facilitate modern-day travel, but they provide historical cross-sections of the State, where much southwestern frontier history can be reviewed.  Trace the footsteps of persons famous in early Texas history.  Stand at the sites of Spanish missions, frontier forts, and old stage coach stations.  Along the way, visit outstanding parks, historic towns, and interesting museums.  Many maps and black & white photos included.  Signed by author.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors

I Just Called Her Momma by Mae Durden-Nelson by Mae Durden-Nelson; ISBN1571687149; Soft Cover, Sunbelt Eakin Press; $18.95; a true story of a seven-year-old girl and her family during the Depression era on a farm in the small Central Texas community of Doss; with innocence and humor, the author remembers remarkable moments in her life as her mother’s constant shadow and vividly portrays the patience of the adult world and the influence on a child in that trying time in history.Signed by author.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors



India Unveiled by Robert Arnett; ISBN0965290018; Hard Cover; $45.00; is a heart-warming portrait of the people, landscape, and multi-hued culture of India. It has been acclaimed as one of the most insightful and revealing books ever written on India by a foreigner in fifty years. Robert Arnett has captured for posterity the essence of India, the oldest continuously surviving civilization on earth. The twenty-eight states of India are organized by regions into six chapters, each with a distinctive map. This 9″ by 12″ publication includes 224 pages, 272 photographs, and seven maps, all beautifully reproduced in full color on acid-free archival paper. Awards: Small Press Book Award, Benjamin Franklin Award, Best Armchair Travel Book of the Year, British Book-of-the-Month Travel Club Selection; First Runner-UP for Best Small Press Color Photography Book.  Signed copy available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Inventing Modern by John H. Lienhard; ISBN 0195160320; Hard Cover; $28.00; NEW, SIGNED BY AUTHOR, Modern is a word much used, but hard to pin down. In Inventing Modern, John H. Lienhard uses that word to capture the furious rush of newness in the first half of 20th-century America. An unexpected world emerges from under the more familiar Modern. Beyond the airplanes, radios, art deco, skyscrapers, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Buck Rogers, the culture of the open road–Burma Shave, Kerouac, and White Castles–lie driving forces that set this account of Modern apart. Signed copy available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


The Language of Conscience: Using Enlightened Conservatism to Build Cooperative Capital and Character, (Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year 2002 Finalist for Philosophy) by Tieman H. Dippel, Jr., ISBN 0972160809, Texas Peacemaker Publications, Hard Cover, $23.00, First Printing.  This book describes Enlightened Conservatism as the creation of an environment where conscience predominates over convenience to bring character and ethics through cultural values and social capitalism. 255 pages Signed copies available.   ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Leaves are Falling on Horses and Riders by U.H. Berner; Seahorse Publications; 51 pages; $21.45; Riding instructor, college teacher of literature, and author, U.H. Berner has complied a collection of correspondence of and with people of varying educational levels.  Breaks in tone are intentional as the letters accommodate people of different ages and backgrounds.  The authors writes, “Have some bloody fun reading this.  Laugh and cry and say ‘”that writer is plain nuts! (…and you are right!)”‘ Signed copies available.   ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


The Life and Reflections of a Texas Ranger (2nd Edition, Revised) by E. G. Albers, Jr., Captain, Texas Rangers (Ret.);  ISBN 0974191000, Texian Press, Soft Cover, $14.95, raised in Giddings and having served in the Texas Rangers, the author shares his unique experiences of growing up in Texas and his distinquished life in law enforcement.  It is a reflective story a man of character, conviction and strength.  Signed copies available.   ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Life on Santa Claus Lane by Darrell Baine, ISBN 0971191581, The Lighthouse Press, Soft Cover, $15.95, Here is a collection of wild and zany, hilariously funny stories about a couple who live at a read address on Santa Clause Lane and – what else – own a Christmas tree farm in – where else? Texas! This is not just a holiday book. It is fun reading all year round and makes a perfect gift for almost any occasion.  Signed by author. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors
Marine Tank Battles in Korea by Oscar E. Gilbert; ISBN 1932033130; Casemate Publishing; Hard Cover; $34.95; Based upon many years of research and interviews with surviving Marines, Oscar Gilbert’s book offers a unique and brutally honest oral history of the unheralded armor combat that swept the length and breadth of the Korean Peninsula.  It is a skillful and exhaustive blend of scholarship and storytelling that recounts every Marine tank engagement of the war.  Gilbert also offers insightful analysis of how tanks were employed on the battlefield, and includes a unique account of the role armor played in the destruction of the ill-fated Task Force Drysdale.  Signed by author. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Marine Tank Battles in Korea by Oscar E. Gilbert; ISBN 1580970508; Da Capo Press; Hard Cover; $34.95; The tankers suffered alongside the infantrymen they protected.  They were sprayed with red-hot fragments when antitank rounds went in one armored flank and out the other.  They were torn and burned when the enemy struck with explosive charges and grenades.  They died without leaving a body for burial when huge mines lifted their 35-ton tanks high into the air, gutted them, and tossed them aside sealed tanks in the 110 degree hear, drowned in flooded tanks, and were crushed when tanks broke loose and slid about in the holds of storm-tossed ships.  But in the end they triumphed.  They were the United State Marines.  Signed by author. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors

New Legacy: 21st Century Update, by Tieman (Skipper) H. Dippel, Jr., ISBN 0972160817, Texas Peacemaker Publications, Hard Cover, $18.00. An updated The New Legacy sets a perspective for life through foundation values of family, character, and enlightenment and focusing on their applicability in a modern world 158 pages. Signed copies available. ORDER HERE        Featured Authors

Mexican Slang plus Graffiti by Elizabeth Reid, Charlene Lopez and L. H. Robinson; ISBN 1881791106; Bueno Books, Soft Cover,  $9.95; will make you the master of modismos and give you dominion over difficult-to-decipher words and cool expressions.  You will never be at a loss for words again.  It reveals the hip talk and occasionally lewd eloquence of the Spanish used commonly in the streets of modern Mexico and Latin America.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Native Speaker : Teach English & See the World by Elizabeth Reid; ISBN 18817910068, Bueno Books, Soft Cover, $2.95; You can be a successful International English Teacher! More than 300 million people in the world speak English and more want to learn it.  English is the international language of technology and commerce.  There is a tremendous demanding foreign countries for teachers of “English as a Second Language”, especially native speakers.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors

Old-Fashioned Recipes for Modern Cooks, by L.B. Cobb, ISBN 0970622406, Advance Books, Soft Cover, $10.00,, contains over 175 Southern and Southwestern dishes from the days before “fat-free”. It can’t give you back those family gatherings where every dish on the table was garnished with love, but this collection of recipes will help you remember.   ORDER HERE        Featured Authors


On My Way to Looneyville by Kenneth Jerry Hughes, Soft cover, $14.95, 130 pages of yarns, poems, stories and tales of a past way of life in the piney woods of East Texas. Guaranteed to bring a few chuckles and a few tears.   Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors

One Day I Laugh, One Day I Cry, One Day I Laugh Because I Cry by U.H. Berner; $21.45; 119 pages; a compilation of essays, stories and letters – a wild mixture of laughing and crying and deep thoughts. Signed and unsigned copies available.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


The Pattons of Scotland Family Cookbook by Clarice Patton; Soft Cover – Spiral Binding; over 600 pages and 588 recipes that span from 1800 to 2004 submitted by the entire Jefferson John Taylor Patton & Fersonia Ellen Wardlow family and all cousins & kin from the James Monroe Patton & Mary Elizabeth Maulin family – 8 known generations of 114 kinfolk who were able to share! This family treasure also includes color and black & white photos with the genealogy of each family member who shared a favorite recipe.  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE        Featured Authors
Puppy Pal Pointers: From the True Tails of Ripple and Jessie as shared with Pamela J. Wilson, ISBN1420806289, Soft Cover $14.50 and Hard Cover $21.75, Author House,  Although technically puppies are young dogs, Puppy Pal Pointers:  From the True Tails of Ripple and Jessie relates to dogs of all ages.  The book consists of subjects that are pertinent to every devoted owner, including caring for, treating, understanding, treasuring, bonding with, and grieving for your dog, plus pet care tips for kids.  Topics pertaining to dog care and responsible ownership are covered, such as parasite control, hygiene, overpopulation concerns, relationships with cats, the human-animal bond, pet loss, and the grief process.  Puppy Pal Pointers is different from other pet care books because it is told through the eyes of two dogs.  Their pictures, along with photos of their canine and feline peers, are used to accentuate points.  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Recovery from Panic Disorder:  A Therapist’s Transformation as Both Patient and Healer by Eileen McPhillips Portner; ISBN# 1589820495; Trade Soft Cover, $17.95; American Book Publishing; A woman awakens in the night gasping for air.  What could be happening? Recovery from Panic Disorder: A Therapist’s Transformation as Both Patient an Healer is a gripping look at a psychotherapist’s personal trials with and success over her own Panic Disorder.  Ms. Portner offers promise for well-being to those battling this ruthless opponent.  Narrating this true story of personal success over adversity with humor and empathy, Ms. Portner gives a complete look at this frightening life challenge – from fear, to diagnosis, to a well-organized constellation of conventional and complementary tools and therapies, to inner wellness and personal transformation.  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors




The Right Relationship Can Happen: How to Create Relationship Success by Nancy Pina, ISBN #1931947082, Trade Soft Cover, $12.95; Learn from relationship expert, Nancy Pina, the reasons why past events replay in your life and how to acknowledge the messages the universe delivers through others. All individuals and events are drawn to your energy, either to clarify life lessons that prevent movement from one life stage to the next or to serve as a reflection of the energy you emit into the world. You do have a choice between experiencing positive or negative life situations. Signed by author. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Roses in the Southern Garden by G. Michael Shoup, ISBN 0967821304, Hard Cover, $25.75, published by The Antique Emporium, Inc. who writes, “Cutting roses and garden roses are as different as seeing a snapshot of a person and getting to meet him or her. There are many more dimensions to these plants than their flowers in a vase. In his words and photographs, Mike Shoup offers the sweetest roses a gardener could grow. They are like a yummy dessert. He serves a big helping of knowledge and observation, topped with appreciation and a dollop of opinion. Then he sends you out to your garden with own-root roses that will thrive.”  Signed by author. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Seven Before Seventy: One Woman’s Quest for the Seven Continents by Joyce Brooks; ISBN 157168803X; Eakin Press; Trade Soft Cover; $19.95; travel along with the author to each of the seven continents for an insight into unique places to visit – or perhaps not to visit.  You will laugh and maybe tremble as Joyce relates destination information about her adventures as a group tour leader and in her personal travels that took her to 116 countries in just 20 years. Signed copies available.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Spanish Lingo for the Savvy Gringo : A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Language, Culture & Slang by Elizabeth Reid, ISBN 1881791084; Bueno Books, Soft Cover, $11.95;  easy to ready guide to teach you Spanish words and phrases.  Simple, humorous instruction for business people and tourists desiring conversational abilities.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors
Straight Talk for Teenage Girls by Annette Fuson; photos and design by Susan Connolly;  ISBN 1403332746; 1stBooks; Soft Cover; $12.50; 136 pages; witty, straight suggestions and ideas on many challenges teen girls will face. Information on handling emotions, building girl and boy friendships, getting out of bad situations, lines boys use and understanding sex; helping girls make sensible choices as they move to adulthood.  Signed copies available.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors

Style Meister: The Quick-Reference Custom Style Guide for Aspiring Writers to Publishing Pros by Lana R. Castle; ISBN 0966292618; Castle Communications; Trade Soft Cover; $14.98; a great publication style guide helps you produce consistent, professional communications.  An even better guide helps you customize them for each audience, market, medium, organization, publication, or product.  Signed copies available.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Stuff Your Cows Won’t Tell You… A Veterinarian’s Perspective on Surviving the Cattle Business  by Greg Buenger, D.V.M. ; Taurus Publishing, Soft Cover, $16.95; 223 pp., a book of facts and situations  that must be faced in the day to day routine of the cattle business.  The information applies to the career rancher, the weekend piddler, and all in between.  The principles and recommendations are the result of years of schooling, experience (sometimes painful!), observation, and often basic old trial-and-error-gut-feelin’-cross-your-fingers-lucky-break education.  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Talkin’ Texan – Larnin’ Texan frum A tuh Z by Joe Kent Roberts, illustrated by Steven Thompson, ISBN 1591135931, Soft Cover, $16.95, Book an exhilarating journey thru the great state of Texas featuring a very useful Texas – English Dictionary so you won’t have to hire a guide or interpreter during your visit to the friendliest, most hospitable state in America.  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors



The Texas Aggie Bonfire: Tradition & Tragedy at Texas A&M by Irwin A. Tang; ISBN 0967943302; Soft Cover; $16.95; this comprehensive volume on the Texas A&M Bonfire tradition examines the 1999 Bonfire tragedy and proposed that the roots of the disaster lie in the unique and tradition-rich Texas A&M culture.  This book takes a critical look at the practices which led to the collapse of the 59-foot tall 1999 Bonfire, which killed 12 students.  It includes the story of collapse and rescue operations, analyzes the physical and human causes, and assigns responsibility for he disaster.  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Texas Doc: More Critter Stories in the Life of a Town ‘n Country Vet by David Carlton, D.V.M.; ISBN 1888843012; Bridgeline Press; Soft Cover $12.95; Doc continues the popular zany adventures of a Texas vet as he meets more eccentric owners and endearing animals: one of every shape and size—from gerbils, cats, and canines…to horses, cows, and cougars—from a penthouse-madam to dusty cowpokes.  There’s a tattooed lady with a pet ferret, a mystery on the open range threatening thirty thousand sheep, and  the old farmer’s corporate fight to keep his pets in a pig-waller at the shopping mall.  Signed copies available.  ORDER HERE         Featured Authors



The Texas Golf Bible by Jason Stone, ISBN 0972470700; Premiere Edition; Fandango Publishing, Whether you need a place to play for your Sunday round or are planning a major golf pilgrimage, The Texas Golf Bible will help you make the most of your golf experience in Texas. Separating the state into 8 regions, this book gives you up-to-date, detailed descriptions of over 900 courses and 500 cities.  Includes regional maps, golf essays, Texas golf resorts, Internet resources and much, much more!!  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Texas Women,  Frontier to Future, by Ann Fears Crawford (Houston) & Crystal Sasse Ragsdale (Austin), ISBN 1880510537, State House Press, $17.95, Trade Softcover; from Jane Maria McManus Storms Cazneau to Katherine Ann Porter to Kay Bailey Hutchinson – a look at 25 Texas women of the past and present who have influenced and were influenced by being a part of the state of Texas.  Signed copy available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


Ulli Says: 26 Training Nuggets for Beginner Riders by U. H. Berner; Seahorse Publishing; $16.75; A series of articles to enlighten the beginner rider on aspects of classical riding that frequently had been neglected by the multitude of manuals and instruction of classical riding.  Since the basics of horsemanship are closely akin to each other, most of the articles apply to the efforts of any beginner rider, whether Western, English, Jumper or Trail-Rider or any other discipline.  After all, what is equestrianship all about if not: To stay on the horse and make the horse do what you wish!  (That simple!)  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


US Marine Corps Tank Crewman 1965-70 (Vietnam) by Ed Gilbert, illustrated by Howard Gerrard; ISBN 1841767182; Soft Cover; $16.95; insites into the daily lives of history’s fighting men and women, past and present, detailing their motivation, training, tactics, weaponry, and experiences. This book explores the decision of Marines to take tanks with them in Vietnam in 1965. Includes many color and black & white illustrations. Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


The Weekend Cowgirl by Jacqueline G. Ponder; ISBN096794595X; Live & Learn Publishing; Soft Cover, $11.95; enjoy the humorous memoirs of this weekend Texas cattle ranching family that was transplanted to Houston (Bellaire) from Kansas in the 50′s. It consisted of one Cadillac cowboy, a Texas hostess, three cowgirl sisters, and visiting friends who enjoyed the weekends with them in the hill country.  Signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors



The Writer’s Friend: Behind the Scenes with Editors, by Linda Davis Kyle, Joseph Gregg, and Nancy McAlary, ISBN 0967365104, published by Publishing, $12.95, Index & Appendix, Trade softcover; Richard Gilbert, Publicity Manager of Ohio University Press, says, “Most of all, this book can save writers valuable time in growing from an aspiring writer to one who is busy being published — and paid.” Rose Rosetree, Reviewer for Midwest Book Review, concurs with “. . . . a freelancer will read far and wide before encountering a book more useful than The Writer’s Friend.” New signed copies available. ORDER HERE         Featured Authors


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